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Your Questions. Our Answers.

A quick selection of some frequent questions – with  answers (of course)!

Why do driving lessons seem expensive?

Most students will drive weekly, if not daily, for the rest of their lives so learning to drive should be seen as an education investment that’s good for a lifetime for less than $1,000.

Why shouldn't parents do all the instructions themselves?

Many parents drive everyday to work, etc but often lack the detailed knowledge of the road rules and the driver training experience of a qualified instructor nor the ‘Plan B’ that comes from having a dual control vehicle.

Why not just do a few lessons before the test?

Unlearning bad habits requires a much greater effort than establishing good habits in the beginning. Therefore ‘quickly’ learning about your test area and the test manoeuvres, etc often allows little time to correct other bad habits.

Why passing the practical driving test is only a small milestone?

Immediately after passing the practical driving test a P-Plater is 20-30 times more likely to be involved in accident. Therefore every P-Plater needs (independent of the practical test) to acquire solid core driving skills and good independent decision-making for a safe transition into a solo driver.

We hope some of these questions (with their answers) have helped you today. But if not, please don’t hesitate contact us with your unanswered questions, concerns or clarifications.

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